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About the e-CF standard

The European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) is the result of 10 years continuing effort and commitment by multi-stakeholders and institutions from the European ICT sector. Version 1.0 was focused upon pioneering development and version 2.0 provided the framework developed in all four dimensions. Version 3.0 updating activity was guided by the overall maturity of the e-CF, reviewing framework underlying principles, content, plus practical acceptance and use by deploying stakeholders.

From a CEN workshop agreement to a European standard

Following consultation of EU member states, the e-CF 3.0 became a European standard and was officially published as the European Norm (EN) 16234 in 2016. Identical in its structure and content to the e-CF 3.0 CWA, the new EN format provides great opportunities for further dissemination and continued adoption of the framework Europe-wide.

What are the differences between the original e-CF 3.0 CWA published in 2014 and the e-CF 3.0 EN standard published in 2016?

The original e-CF 3.0 CWA required minor modification to conform to a European standard format.

  • Introduction chapters were adapted to the EN predescribed editing format.
  • A few surrounding descriptors were added to the e-Competences.

The EN e-CF 3.0 e-Competences and the overall framework structure however remain identical to the original e-CF 3.0 CWA content.

From e-CF version 2.0 to version 3.0 – updating highlights

Feedback from more than 120 stakeholders from across Europe and abroad was systematically evaluated and considered within the e-CF version 3.0 updating process. Many technical suggestions were backed by e-CF user practical experience that provided high value to the updating activity. Care has also been taken to ensure that existing users of version 2.0 are able to adopt version 3.0 without excessive effort. Guided by the overall mission to minimise changes but maintain continued framework relevance and continued ease of application for multiple ICT stakeholders in compliance with the e-CF Founding principles; the framework update to version 3.0 is characterized by the following highlights:

Four new competences have been added.

  • A.9. Innovating
  • B.6. System Engineering
  • D.11. Needs Identification
  • D.12. Digital Marketing

The design and development process was articulated more clearly.

  • The v 2.0 competence B.1. Design and Development has been divided into two competences: B.1. Application Development and B.6. Systems Engineering
  • This leads to further clarity and refinement of the design element within: A.5. Architecture Design (related to systems) and A.6. Applications Design (related to applications)
  • The development element of the process is further enhanced in: B.1. Application Development (related to applications) and B.6. Systems Engineering (related to systems)

Further relevant aspects

  • The need to consider new emerging business, technology and development process trends (mobile, cloud, big data, lean management, iterative approach…) and to consider the changing priorities of existing issues (e.g. security) were addressed across the entire framework and incorporated within relevant dimensions.
  • Extracting value from the “e-CF into SME” project (see: CWA 16367:2011 in the CEN ICT Skills Workshop publication list), the perspective of small and medium sized enterprises has been incorporated within version 3. Examples include the new competence D.11 Needs Identification, the applied research perspective is now addressed and a new competence A.9 Innovation introduced
  • A systematic review was taken of leadership components of the e-CF, also informed by the concept of e-leadership and where relevant both components were further integrated.
  • Project activities supporting the framework update helped to expand the exchange of information between the network of e-CF stakeholder supporters and users across Europe. Some information exchanges were systematically registered by documenting a series of case studies to illustrate e-CF use in practice.

For all details of the e-CF update from version 2.0 to 3.0 see the e-CF 3.0 CWA Annex per e-CF Areas A.PLAN, B.BUILD, C.RUN, D.ENABLEE.MANAGE

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