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The European e-Competence Framework 3.0 was published by CEN as CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 16234 in 2014. Document access for documentation purposes is free of charge and translations from English are available in French, German and Italian language.

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pfeil_transpFollowing consultation of CEN member states, the e-CF 3.0 became a European standard and was published in 2016 officially as the European Norm EN 16234. This EN supersedes the CWA.

The original e-CF 3.0 CWA required minor modification to conform to a European standard format. However, the EN e-CF 3.0 e-Competences content and the overall framework structure remain identical to the original e-CF 3.0 CWA.

Where to buy the standard

The e-CF 3.0 European Norm EN 16234 publication can be acquired at the national sales points of the CEN member bodies, see below an example list.

Austria  ASI
OENORM EN 16234-1:2016-10-01 English  no € 150,16
Belgium  NBN NBN EN 16234-1:2016 English
 no € 105,00
Bulgaria  BDS BDS EN 16234-1:2016 English  no лв 123,10
Croatia  HZN HRN EN 16234-1:2016 English  no HRK 390,00
Cyprus  CYS CYS EN 16234-1:2016 English  no TBD
Czech Republic  UNMZ CSN EN 16234-1 English  no TBD
Denmark  DS DS/EN 16234-1:2016 English  yes kr 742,00
Estonia  EVS EVS-EN-16234-1-2016 English  yes € 19,10
Finland  SFS SFS-EN 16234-1:en English  yes € 80,70
Former Yugoslav
Republic of Macedonia
ISRM МКС EN 16234-1:2016 English  no MKD 1701
France  AFNOR NF EN-16234-1 Juillet 2016 French  no € 114,25
Germany  DIN DIN EN 16234-1:2016-12 German  yes € 181,00
Hungary  MSZT MSZ EN 16234-1:2016 English  no TBD
Iceland  IST ÍST EN 16234-1:2016 English  no kr 11,135
Ireland  NSAI I.S. EN 16234-1:2016 English  yes € 100,80
Italy  UNI UNI EN 16234-1:2016 English
 no € 75,00
€ 98,00
Latvia  LVS LVS EN 16234-1:2016 English  no € 27,48
Lithuania  LST LST EN 16234-1:2016 English  no € 29,00
Luxembourg  ILNAS ILNAS-EN 16234-1:2016 English
 yes € 73,80
Malta  MCCAA SM EN 16234-1:2016 English  no TBD
Moldova, Republic of  ISM SM EN 16234-1:2016 English  no LEI 222,30
Netherlands  NEN NEN-EN 16234-1:2016 English  yes € 86,00
Norway  SN NS-EN 16234-1:2016 English  yes NOK 883,75
Poland  PKN PN-EN 16234-1:2016-07E English  no PLN 170,48
Portugal  IPQ NP EN 16234-1:2016 English  no € 52,50
Romania  ASRO SR EN 16234-1:2016 English  no TBD
Slovakia  UNMS STN EN 16234-1 English  no € 24,40
Slovenia  SIST SIST EN 16234-1:2016 English  no € 84,00
Spain  UNE UNE-EN 16234-1:2016 English
 no € 113,40
€ 81,00
Sweden  SIS SS-EN 16234-1:2016 English  no SEK 1,225
Switzerland  SNV SN EN-16234-1 English
 no CHF 119,00
Turkey  TSE TS EN 16234-1 English  yes € 100,00
United Kingdom  BSI BS EN 16234-1:2016 English  yes £ 234,00


The complete list of the CEN member bodies and EN 16234 (e-CF 3.0) national sales points can be found here.

What are the differences between the original e-CF 3.0 CWA published in 2014 and the e-CF 3.0 EN standard published in 2016?

The original e-CF 3.0 CWA required minor modification to conform to a European standard format.

  • Introduction chapters were adapted to the EN predescribed editing format.
  • A few surrounding descriptors were added to the e-Competences.

The EN e-CF 3.0 e-Competences and the overall framework structure however remain identical to the original e-CF 3.0 CWA content.

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