e-CF in practice

The European e-Competence Framework provides a common reference for ICT knowledge, skills and competences to a growing community of users in Europe and worldwide; you may be interested to know of some current framework users.

This section provides examples of organisations that benefit from the e-CF within specific environments; they have agreed to be featured on this website.

pfeil_transp_gruenVocational and educational training

pfeil_transpIndustry and
HR departments

pfeil_transp_orangeHigher Education


Private qualification and

pfeil_transpCareer and
assessment tools

pfeil_transp_gruene-Skills policy and
strategy setting

pfeil_transp_orangeProfessional unions and
sector associations


Research and

How to join this list

If you benefit from the e-CF and wish to contribute to the e-CF in practice section, kindly send an e-mail, supplying your details in the same format as applied below, including the e-CF application context.

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