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e-CF 3.0 Profiling tool on-line

To support users of the European e-Competence Framework a simple online tool has been developed which enables the creation of e-CF profiles.

This user friendly tool is currently in the updating process towards e-CF version 3.0. If you are interested in looking at the tool in its current e-CF 2.0 modus, you can do this here.

Tool aims and functionalities

The objective of the tool is to bring to life the content of e-CF version 3.0 and provide linkage to the EU ICT Professional profiles that are the subject of CWA 16458. Furthermore, the subject matter of the e-CF and the ICT Professional profiles are presented in multiple languages broadening access to a wider population. In addition e-CF users are presented with two navigation options to access e-CF content; the traditional e-CF view and a function view. (see e-CF user guide chapter 4, p. 21, for a more detailed explanation).

Framework elements from each dimension of the e-CF can be collected in a „pick and mix“ format to create a user generated profile. These profiles may be structured using the users preferred orientation. For instance, job profile creation may be of primary interest to employers, whereas education profiles (curriculum, certification, qualification etc.) may be of value to training and education institutions.

User defined profiling and comparison

User defined profiles can be labelled as required, e.g. „Company X help desk competence profile“, or any other title, and subsequently the created profile saved and/ or printed. Navigation tabs and click boxes support simple selection of dimension elements including required proficiency levels.

Comparisons between user created profiles and any of the 23 the established ICT professional profiles can also be made to support identification of skills gaps.

Use of the online tool is free of charge and the simple web site design philosophy requires no specific security measures as profiles are not centrally filed or stored on line and no data is analysed.

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