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CEN TC 428

Digital competences and ICT Professionalism

With transformation of the e-CF 3.0 16234:2014 CWA into the European Norm EN 16234:2016, e-CF maintenance responsibility has been taken over by the CEN Technical Committee (TC) 428.

The CEN Technical Committee CEN/TC 428 “Digital competences and ICT Professionalism” is responsible for the standardization of a common language of Professional Digital and ICT competences, skills and knowledge applied in all domains.

A non exhaustive list of areas where CEN/TC 428 can develop its activity is the following:

    • EN 16234:2016 (e-CF) maintenance and evolution
    • Interaction with different Frameworks
    • Curricula guidance
    • Professional profiles
    • Provide guidance for the assessment against EN 16234 (e-CF).

CEN/TC428 Secretary: Veronica Salsano (UNI)

Go to the official CEN/TC 428 web page.

Search and find here the CEN/TC 428 work results (select under “Committee”: “CEN/TC 428”).

Join the TC 428 – get registered

You can join the CEN/TC428 and actively participate in the work by approaching your National Standardization Body (e.g. AENOR in Spain, AFNOR in France, DIN in Germany, BDS in Bulgaria, EVS in Estonia, NSAI in Ireland, BSI in United Kingdom, NEN in the Netherlands).

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