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23 European ICT Professional Profiles built on the e-CF

The CEN ICT Skills Workshop has elaborated a set of European ICT Professional Profiles

  • using the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) as the basis for competence identification; and
  • illuminating and structuring each ICT Professional Profile with a number of components including work outcomes or “Deliverables”.

As a response to the huge number of ICT Profile Frameworks and Profile descriptions used today in European ICT Business and Qualification systems, 23 representative ICT Profiles have been created. The Profiles are structured in six Profile families and cover the ICT Business process.

The 23 generic European ICT Professional Profile descriptions reflect the top of a European ICT Profile family tree. The profiles may be used for reference, or as the starting point to develop further ICT professional profile generations, by European stakeholders.

The profile definitions and how they can be used

To pragmatically support Europe-wide use of the 23 ICT Profiles, the CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) is structured as follows:

  • Chapter 1 provides an executive overview, explaining the main vision behind the European ICT Profiles creation and benefits for target groups
  • Chapter 2 illustrates the methodological approach of the ICT Profiles identification and description process
  • Chapter 3 is the heart of the CWA; it contains the 23 multi-stakeholder agreed ICT Professional Profile descriptions for Europe-wide reference.
    Additional schemes reflect the Profiles from different perspectives (e.g. Working relationships, Business/ Technology orientation)
  • Chapter 4 provides some practical guidance on how to adapt the Profiles to specific needs.

European ICT Professional Profiles CWA 16458 for Download

The Profiles have been published in May 2012 in English, German, French and Italian language.

ICT Profiles update by e-CF version 3.0 competences

Published by CEN as CWA 16458:2012, this document, initially based upon European e-Competence Framework version 2.0, has been updated by e-CF version 3.0 references in the context of the e-CF v 3.0 project (2012-13).

No content changes have been made within the initially agreed  ICT Profiles definitions, the main aim was to keep consistency between this European ICT Professional Profiles document and the current e-CF version 3.0 in use. All changes made across the entire document are marked in grey. The updated CWA content in English language can be downloaded here.


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