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ICT Profiles update

To maintain and enhance the quality, maturity, usability and stakeholder outreach of the European ICT Professional Profiles CWA 16458, the CEN ICT Skills Workshop is undertaking the project activity “European ICT Professional Profiles in action”. The final project deliverables will be provided in CWA format, replacing the CWA 16458 currently in place.

+++ ICT Profiles expert agreed draft version 2 for final multi-stakeholder commenting now available +++

The expert agreed draft version 2 was discussed in a Workshop with the European ICT multi-stakeholder community on 26 January 2018 in Brussels, kindly hosted by the European Commission. ICT Profiles DRAFT version 2 presentation

Providing comments by e-mail to the project leader, please by using this ICT Profiles DRAFT CWA commenting sheet and by 11 February 2018 at the latest, is also possible.

This final feedback will inform the ICT Profiles update prior to publication of the draft CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) on the CEN website for public comment. Thank you in advance for your valuable support.

Project work structure and main deliverables expected

The CEN nominated expert team is supported by a broader expert and stakeholder community from European HR and ICT business environment.


The Project Interim report including Annex A showing statistical results from the ICT profiles user feedback survey was approved by the European Commission in July 2017.

The “European ICT Professional Profiles” CWA update will be composed by the following four main elements.

1. European ICT Professional Profiles second release

2. User guidelines for the European ICT Professional Profiles (sector-specific and generic)

3. Methodology documentation of ICT Professional Profiles construction

4. Case studies illustrating ICT Profiles use in practise

Interested in getting involved?

To systematically gather and consider European ICT multi-stakeholders’ feedback on current ICT Profiles usability and new emerging business trends, the project is deploying several feedback mechanisms:

    • An on-line survey was carried out from February to March 2017.
    • An ICT Profiles user feedback workshop took place in May 2017 in Rome.
    • Regular reporting and discussion of work in progress with the CEN ICT Skills Workshop.
    • A draft CWA final feedback collecting event in January 2018 in Brussels, kindly hosted by the European Commission.

If you are interested in participating in the work and contributing to the ICT Profiles updating process, kindly send an e-mail to the EU ICT Profiles project leader.





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