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CEN ICT Skills Workshop

The CEN Workshop on ICT Skills is a network of experts representing the ICT industry, academic institutions, vocational Training organisations, ICT professional associations, social Partners and Research institutions.

The Workshop aims to promote excellence in the ICT sector and strengthen the ICT Profession through the creation of relevant supporting standards that can be applied through Europe and around the world.

The CEN ICT Skills Workshop has been operational since early 2003. From its inception the Workshop has contributed to the long-term e-Skills agenda of the European Commission (EC). Information on the EC’s e-Skills policy initiatives is available from the e-Skills web page of the European Commission/ DG Enterprise and Industry.

Join the Workshop – get registered

Interested parties can register for participation in this activity by contacting the CEN Workshop Secretariat.

Workshop results

Project deliverables are documented and published by CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs). Since 2006, the following CWAs have been published:

List of CWAs

CWA 16624-1:2013 e-Competence Framework for ICT Users- Part 1: Framework Content

CWA 16624-2:2013 e-Competence Framework for ICT Users- Part 2: User Gudelines

CWA 16624-3:2013 e-Competence Framwork for ICT Users- Part 3: Development Guidelines

CWA 16052-2:2013 ICT Certification in Action (revised CWA 16052 :2009)

CWA 16458:2012 European ICT Professional Profiles

CWA 16367:2011 Implementing eCompetence Framework into SMEs

CWA 16234-1 :2010 European e-Competence Framework 2.0- Part 1: A Common European Framework for ICT Professionals in All Industry Sectors

CWA 16234-2 :2010 European e-Competence Framework 2.0- Part 2: User guidelines for the application of the European e-Competence Framework 2.0

CWA 16234-3 :2010 European e-Competence Framework 2.0- Part 3: Building the e-Competence Framework- a Combination of Sound Methodology and Expert Contribution

CWA 16213 :2010 End User e-Skills Framework Requirements

CWA 16053: 2009 Interoperability of European e-Career Services

CWA 15893-1:2008 European e-Competence Framework – Part 1: The Framework (replaced by CWA 16234:2010 Part 1)

CWA 15893-2:2008 European e-Competence Framework – Part 2: User Guidelines (replaced by CWA 16234:2010 Part 2)

Previous CWAs (no longer valid, to be used only for documentation purposes)

CWA 14925:2004 Generic ICT Skills Profiles for the ICT supply industry – a review by CEN/ISSS ICT-Skills Workshop of the Career Space work

CWA 15005:2004 ICT Curriculum Development Guidelines for the ICT supply industry – a review by CEN/ISSS ICT skills Workshop of the Career Space work

CWA 15515:2006 European ICT Skills Meta-Framework – State-of-the-Art Review, Clarification of the Realities, and Recommendations for Next Steps

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